How to fix all of your cake issues!

Hey it’s Maddie and I’m going to talk about cake problems!  After baking a cake, lets be honest, the never come out perfect.  Sometimes they crumble, crack, don’t rise fully, turn out lumpy, and even become super dry.  Next time you are going to make a cake, try all of these things to try to improve your results!

Problem: Cake does not rise fully, or sinks in the center.

Solution: I wish that we could just come out with the results that we want on our first try, but that is very difficult, so we have to experiment.  You could try to bake the cake for more, or less, depending on what went wrong the first time.  It is always easier to do it right the next time, after learning from your mistakes the first round!  A way to make sure that the cake rises fully is to use the right size pan.  If your baking tin is too big then the batter will spread out too much, and result in a flat cake.  Don’t you wish that baking perfect cakes was easy? I know i do.   I hope that this quick tip helped you!

Problem: Cake tuns out to be lumpy, or bubbly.

Solution: The thing that i hate the most is when the result of a cake you spent so much time on, turns out to be lumpy.  I wish that you could just stir your ingredients together and the bumps would go away automatically! Wouldn’t that be great? And it would save so much hard work and effort!  I think that a few tips that might help include, using a rounded bowl, and an electric mixer, followed by a whisk to finish off the job.  Using the electric mixer gets all of the big lumps, but try a whisk to get the tiny bumps that are missed.  If all fails, then finally use a fork to beat all of the bumps until they are gone.  But remember not to over mix the batter, so that it doesn’t become too liquidy.

I hope that my wishes, followed by possible solutions helped you.. because don’t we all like to bake a perfect cake once and a while?


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