Hey it’s Shannon! Today I’m going to talk about the problems you can have with displaying the food you make.

It can be such a bummer when you make a delightful dessert but then just put it on a plate and slap some saran wrap on it. Try some of these fun ways to show of your baking skills!

Number 1: Cake!

Start by decadently decorating your cake with swirls of frosting or fresh fruit, try to make the cake look original and artsy.

Next, try to find a nice elevated platter and put a some lace paper on the base to add some class!  



Number 2: Cake pops!

Start by getting some Styrofoam  so you can put it inside a lovely container. Cut the Styrofoam so it will slide perfectly into the container. once it is snugly in the dish use the sticky of the cake pops to poke holes in the foam. These holes are will the cake pops will go.Once the pops are inserted in the holes and checked to make sure they wont fall, you only have one more step! Personalize it! Add some small candies or confetti into the dish to cover up the Styrofoam and add a little fun!  








Last but not Least: Brownies, cookies and cupcakes!

For brownies, start by cutting them into perfect squares so they are very neat. Next, for either cookies or brownies, find a 3 tier dessert platter. Neatly arrange them in circular patterns and you are set with a classy display that will attract everyones attention! For a little flavor throw in samll candies like salt water taffy or m&ms.


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