Bobby Flay, An Innonvative Chef

Bobby Flay is an American celebrity chef. Flay started his career when he dropped out of high school at 17, his first job in the restaurant industry was at a pizza parlor and a Baskin Robbins. Later Bobby started making salads at the Joe Allan restaurant where his father was a partner. The owner was so impressed by his natural ability he decided to pay for Bobby to go to the French Culinary Institute. Bobby Flay received a degree in culinary arts and graduated as a member in the first graduating class of 1984. After School he started working as a sous chef and learned so many things.After one week he was given the job of executive chef because his predecessor was fired. Flay soon realized he was not ready to run a kitchen so he took  a job as a chef in a kitchen known as Jonathan Waxman. Soon after his work with Waxman, Jerome Kretchmer offered him the executive chef job at the newly opened Mesa Grill. Because of Flay’s interest in southern cooking this position was perfect for him. In 2004 Flay opened another mesa Grill and created a special environment for his kitchen. Bobby Flay is very inspiring and is a great culinary artist.


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