Patrick Fahy

Hey it’s Maddie, and I’m going to talk about a very special innovative chef today, named Patrick Fahy!  Patrick Fahy is an innovative pastry chef from Chicago.  Fahy grew up with parents who baked very often, so he discovered that he wanted to be a baker at a very early age.  At the age of 21 Fahy attended culinary school, and studied everything from all kinds of desserts, to savory wines.  But after working with his first true mentor Andrea Bianchini, he was positive that his profession would be a pastry chef!  After taking a couple of baking jobs that he was not pleases with, he decided to enroll at the French Pastry School in Chicago.  A little while later he broke off and joined the staff at the Blackbird (a modern cuisine restaurant).  Rather than focus on trying new techniques, Fahy tries to pair different foods, that you would not normally think of eating together.  This makes for a very interesting combo!  For example, one of his specialties is putting butternut squash with  chocolate and horchata.  Even though this recipe might seem like a gross combination, many have said it is very good!  Another creation of his is beet ice cream.  Who would ever think to mix those two together?!  After he came out with this recipe, it immediately started getting positive feedback!  Readers are very open to new baking ideas, and like to try them on their own, too!  Overall, Patrick Fahy is a “rising star” as shown below, and he keeps continuing to surprise the baking world with new innovative dessert recipes!


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