What you wish you knew…

Hi! It’s Maddie And Shannon! Today we are going to talk about The things you should know before you start baking.

1. Read the instructions ALL THE WAY THROUGH!  Sometimes it is much easier to skim the instructions and go step by step but it is very important to read them once all the way through before you start baking and then keep referring to the instructions while baking.

2.Organize! Clear your work area before you begin, and get out all the ingredients. Put each one away as you use it, so you don’t forget what you’ve used. Rinse bowls and utensils as you go this way everything will be tidy and sanitary. I have ad some experiences where i have forgotten ingredients or put double because I was not completely organized, do this and you will be set to go.

3. PAN PREPARING!!!! Always make sure that you have the right pan size and that you remember to grease the pan. IF you use the wrong pan size the cake or whatever you are making will not be cooked right because of the ratio of batter to pan. The consistency will change with different pans so be careful! Always remember to grease the surface you are baking goodies on unless it specifies not to, you can never be too careful.If you forget to grease a pan your dessert will come out all wrong and doe may not come out at all!


Shannon and Maddie


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